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Bloodborne Guide

Bloodborne is finally here. If the Souls games have been hard for you to get into, Bloodborne might be the right fit. Not because it’s easier – it’s not. Those who say it is likely come with a wealth of prior experience with From’s titles, or are those that have been watching streams with overleveled characters tackling...

New Halo Game On The Way

It appears that 343 studios are working on yet another Halo game. Halo 5: Guardians is already on the way but Halo Online is in the works and will be a PC only free-to-play title. Are you getting excited? If so, calm down sunshine as the game will only be getting released in Russia! 

The game itself will allow from 4 to 16 players to battle it out in a game that's based on Halo 3. Only two modes have been confirmed so far and they are...

PS4 and PS Vita Update Now Available

Sony has begun rolling out two global system updates for both its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita handheld.

On Wednesday, the platform holder detailed the key new features included in the PS4's 2.5 Yukimura update, including the long-awaited Suspend/Resume function and hard drive back-up options. 

Now, with the updates going live across Europe, the US, and Asia, PS Vita owners have begun listing the featured improvements that come with the handheld's 3.5 firmware...

Obsessed with Bloodborne

The Blood-Starved Beast has poisoned me. I've run out of antidote and health potions, but I'm not willing to die. I'm close… I'm so close… As my health fades, I...


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Ranking the Mario Party Games

Since its 1998 N64 debut, the Mario Party series has just about done it all. The friendship-ending franchise spans 13 games and 7 consoles. But which Mario Party game stands at the top of the pack? Because we’re crazy people, we decided to find out.

Below is our ranking for all 12 Mario Party games, each based on their overall quality and replayability. Note that we need a bit more time with Mario Party 10 to figure out where it fits in, so we've left it off this ranking...

Batman delayed!

Sorry, Bat-fans, you’ve got another few weeks added to your wait for Arkham Knight. Batman has been a bit delayed and will miss his June 2 release date.

According to Warner Bros via...


Twitch has issued a bulletin to users regarding a recent security breach. In response, the streaming service has expired all login information (including passwords and stream keys). The company has also disconnected all accounts from Twitter and YouTube.


More Mortal Kombat X Characters Confirmed

More characters are coming to the Mortal Kombat X roster. In addition to serial killer and movie monster Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th movies, classic Kombatants Tremor and Tanya will also be available.

The fighters will be part of the Kombat Pack included with the Mortal Kombat X Kollector’s Edition by Coarse, along with the limited and premium editions of the game. The Kombat Pack can be purchased separately for $30 USD.

The pack includes the following extras: