There’s nothing much more satisfying than watching a bullet in slow motion ripping through the human body and watching the bullet rip organs apart. Well actually there are probably plenty more satisfying things but watching sniper shots in Sniper Elite 3 is pretty darn good!

Berlin is in the past and this time Sniper Elite is set in North Africa. Now despite a change of scenery, you’re still a sniper behind enemy lines with the mission of blowing testicles to pieces – trust me, the testicle shot is only pulled off by the best. Whilst I’m on the subject of testicles, errr, I mean shots, lining up your shot takes patience and precision. Line up your shot, hold your breath, squeeze the trigger and bang! Watch with pleasure as the slow motion bullet cam activates which means you’ve hit your target, followed by an x-ray of your target and following the bullet as it smashes bone and penetrates organs to the sound of a groaning and squelchine soundtrack.

There are 8 missions to complete but the kill-cam is the best part of the game and you never get bored of watching your bullets ripping the enemy apart. Just make sure you don’t accidentally switch the kill-cam off.

So apart from the scenery, what’s different?

Well, gone are small levels with little to explore and in come enormous maps which you are free to explore. The maps now offer dozens of different routes and it’s worth exploring to see what secondary objectives you can find. You might stumble across intel, AA Guns to destroy or run into a convoy. These secondary objectives encourage players to explore the Sniper elite playground.

With regards to exploring, I found that when I replayed a mission on a harder level I found buildings and secret tunnels i’d missed the first time. So there’s some decent replay quality here too.

The worst part of this game is the crappy AI which we saw in the previous game. Once you’ve shot a bad dude, chances are that you’ve alerted the enemy. Hide for long enough to get the all-clear message and the enemy will go back to their normal routine, ignoring their dead comrade who is lying on the floor with his brains splattered. I expected more in this game, especially with it being next gen. Why couldn’t the AI huddle around the body once the all-clear message is up so that you can sneak past?! Just an idea.

It’s a sniper game so stick to sniping because getting caught in a machine gun battle isn’t really fun. If you want a real sniper challenge, ramp the difficulty level up and try to snipe without the visual aids. No easy task by any means.


In my opinion, Sniper Elite games are good single player games although this game does offer multiplayer, as did the previous title. It’s okay I suppose. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes are on offer as is a new mode called Distance King which gives you points based on the distance of your kill. There’s also some co-op stuff which pits a sniper with a spotter but to be honest, you probably won’t be playing much multiplayer.

The Verdict

Despite its flaws with the AI and a half-decent multiplayer, Sniper Elite 3 is an enjoyable game. The kill-cam is quite stunning and the campaign is an enjoyable play-through which you’ll want to play again on a harder setting. Not a fantastic game but an improvement on its predecessor and worth picking up!