It’s the year of the World Cup so with all the footie action which has been going on, we thought we’d relive the memories of another classic football game, FOOTBALL GLORY.

You’ve probably already looked at the video below this article and thought you were watching some Sensible Soccer. The similarities were, well, put it like this – Football Glory was a poor Sensi rip-off!

The funniest part of Football Glory’s release way back in 1994 was when the developers said they’d never even heard of Sensible Soccer! That’s kind of hard to believe considering the games looked identical and Sensi was the biggest title in gaming back then!

The controls in Football Glory were the same as Sensi. Tap the button to pass and hold it down to shoot. The passing wasn’t as effective as it was in Sensi and the aftertouch was absolutely shocking. So shocking that you could pretty much curl the ball like a flipping boomerang! The shooting was so bad that you’d be one on one with the ‘keeper, shoot straight and the ball would curl wide for no apparent reason. Frustrating as hell it was.

The good points from Football Glory’s gameplay were with the neat touches you could do. Back heels, one-two passes, overhead kicks, volleys, diving headers and the ability to ride tackles. Despite these neat little moves, the opposition would close you down so fast so it was almost panic passing most of the time, trying not to lose possession. The overhead kick was quite possibly the most pulled off move in the game and when you hit it, it looked mint!

Football Glory’s AI was either naff or unstoppable. When the CPU players were pulling off all the skill moves then you’d be lucky to escape losing only 3-0. But when they were naff, oh man, they absolutely sucked ball bag. They would constantly give the ball away and the ‘keeper would, on occasion, mis-kick the ball, turn around, run towards his own goal and blast the ball into the back of his net. Comedy the first time, buggy as hell the second, third, fourth and fifth times. Joystick thrown at the wall on the sixth time.

Speaking of bugs, there were many. If you were winning a game, you could quit out and you’d be awarded with the win! The game used to crash a lot aswell because the manual never told you that you had to keep the floppy disk in the drive when you’re playing from the hard disk!!! With no internet back then, I’d never realised this so was stuck with what I thought was a duff copy.

My favourite part of Football Glory was the comedy. If a player was injured, the ref would make jokes about it and chat (in a speech bubble) to other players, dogs would run onto the pitch, streakers would streak and hooligans would run across the field with the cops in pursuit. There’d also be fire crackers and toilet rolls thrown onto the field after a goal.

Despite its sexy little flicks and comedy banter, Football Glory was a bad Sensi rip-off. It looked identical to Sensi but was full of bugs and the gameplay wasn’t as good. Still, it was a good bit of fun when it worked!