How Fifa Games Will Change After the 2018 World Cup

Fifa World Cup is a marvelous event that happens once every four years. Thirty-two teams compete in a system that ends with a fast knockout tournament filled with excitement. The competition is quite fierce since only 32 out of 211 countries compete for the trophy, so we can’t wait for the next one. While waiting, you can check out the review of Cozino and check out if they have some Football slots to kill time and possibly make some cash.

However, a lot will change after the 2018 World Cup, especially in 2026. We can say goodbye to everything we have mentioned above since a completely new (and more exciting) system will be introduced.

2022 Qatar Winter Fifa World Cup

World Cup is, without a doubt, an event that we associate with summer and that perfectly complements our summer vacation time. Well, that’s about to change in 2022, when the World Cup will be organized during winter, in Qatar. The officials have resorted to this solution because of the scorching heat that causes unbearable temperatures in this middle-eastern country during summer.

This is a big change since it is the first time that the Football World Cup is not being held in June/July, and many are not happy about that. For those who are able to get a long-enough vacation and go, this will be an amazing opportunity to escape harsh winters in the other parts of the world. However, those that are not will need to resort to following the ordeal from the local pubs.

48 Teams by 2026

Apart from the seasonal change bound to happen by 2022 in Qatar, there is an even bigger one lurking for the 2026 Fifa World Cup. Right now, 32 countries are competing for the trophy, but according to the officials, this number will expand to 48 by the year 2026.

This way, more countries will get a chance to compete and the event will bring more profit to the organizers as more fans will be inclined to travel and support their national teams. This should lead to the event becoming even more popular in many parts of the world, if that is even possible right now.

Fifa Accepts the United Bid from USA, Mexico, Canada

You heard it right! Chances are, in 2026, the Fifa World Cup will not be organized in one country, but in three, across a huge continent. So far, we know that 23 cities in these three countries are placing their bids to be chosen as one of the 16 host cities.

Of course, the USA will host the majority of matches – 60 of them, while Mexico and Canada will host the remaining 20 matches – 10 matches each. For this purpose, Mexico and Canada will enable three stadiums, whereas the USA will use 10 stadiums.

According to the bid, all of the matches after the quarter-final will be hosted in the USA and the finals will be held in New Jersey, at the MetLife Stadium.

We are to wait and see how everything develops for Fifa Games, but so far, the future looks exciting. The Fifa World Cup needed a reshape after all of these years, as the times are changing, and there is an increased need for novelty and more dynamics.