Best Apps for People who Love and Watch Sports

Sports are a huge part of our lives, so much time and money being dedicated to it, especially by professional athletes and those invested in them. Likewise, sports are important for the fans, as they invest their own time and money, usually by betting on their favorite teams and players. They spend countless hours researching how and where to bet, deciding which application and site is the best for them.

It can get easier if you find reputable apps, or read a review, like this review of the SBK app, which also gets you a promo code and access to the app and betting platform. Yet, there are more applications which you should get your hands on if you are a lover of sports.

Here are the top choices for sport lovers


This name should sound familiar to many sports fans. It is the name of the sports channel available throughout the world. They are US based and partly owned by Walt Disney. Their application, however, is an essential to all sports fans, as it provides news about all things sports-related. If you’re into horse racing, rugby, football, basketball, esports, even, you’re good to go. It is frequently updated, a sign of a good app, as well as available on both Android and iOS systems.


This application also brings you news from the world of sports, yet it does so in a very specific way. You can get live statistics from games, updated every second. If you want to be up to date with a certain match, yet are unable to watch or listen to a broadcast, a live score feed should suffice. Not only do you get a score feed, but a live breakdown of points and other notable moments in any match/game. You can follow teams, players and have a social feature, followers and stories to share. The app is also available on the iOS and Android devices.

Yahoo Sports

Coming from Yahoo, a rebranded version of the already successful app, Sportacular, Yahoo Sports does a lot of things well. Firstly, it allows you to sync the app with the site and allows massive amounts of customization. You can customize all alerts and notifications, so that you never miss out on a match or important moment in the said match.

You have access to comprehensive and detailed statistics of teams and players, and even free streaming of some NFL games, which is great for any NFL fan. Available on the Android and iOS devices.

Bleacher Report

Unlike the above applications which take a more generalized approach, delivering you a lot of everything, Bleacher Report focuses on specifics. Whether you choose a team or player, you will get all sorts of news and rumors regarding your favorite, taken from various online sources, as they unveil. Available on the iOS and Android devices.

These sports-related apps are some of the best you could wish for as a lover of sports. There certainly are more of them, yet these stand out as the essentials.