Gamification in Sports

Using technology is not usually associated with physical activities. Engaging in recreational sports can be fun, but people mostly do it to stay fit and healthy. Technology, on the other hand, is mostly passive, whether it’s for playing computer games or scrolling through your Facebook page. Sports and technology can also be used together for sports betting online with Buffalo Wild Wings.

But, can mixing the two work so you can have a legit workout and still have tech help you out and make things more fun? With the evolution of digital systems, we can now enjoy numerous apps that help our physical routines become better and more exciting. So, let’s see what they are.


At the first glance, Fitbit may look like a regular smartwatch. However, it’s a much more complex gadget. As a matter of fact, Fitbit is your ideal device for jogging and other types of sporting activities. It measures your heart rate, sleep cycles, and is an overall activity tracker. More so, it can be used just as a smartwatch all by itself.


If you thought games are for lazy people, you clearly haven’t tried ShapeUp. This is an XBox game that uses motion sensors to put you and the other player in an animated environment. The goal is for you two to compete by completing different physical challenges. For instance, doing pushups, you would appear to have heavy objects on your backs like elephants and tanks. Some other games include cross punching, dancing, and more.


If you like running or cycling from time to time, Strava is an app to have. With Strava premium, you will get to keep track of your previous performance, thus competing with your best personal records. Heart rate monitor, and time and distance trackers are all in the app as well. You can also log in to see leaderboards and compare your results with those of other people.

Pear Personal Coach

Some people like training on their own, while others want to be motivated by coaches. Pear Personal Coach is your digital trainer that can be activated on demand. During your jog, you will be guided and spoken to through your headphones. The digital coach will measure your progress and give suggestions on how to improve your workout. It’s not just for jogging though. You can use it in a gym as well, whether you’re in a fitness class or you’re lifting weights.


Fitocracy does use gamification for fitness purposes, but it doesn’t only go with the gadget wearing approach. Namely, Fitocracy is more of a social network, helping people reach better fitness results through community and knowledge. It’s one of the most popular gamification fitness programs, with around 2 million users worldwide.