FIFA 14 Server Shutdown

The fans of the most popular football franchise in video game form have been very disappointed in October of 2017, when EA shut down the servers. Some were so disappointed that they quit playing games entirely and have instead, presumably, switched to other activities for leisure, like reading the newspapers, the review of William Hill, or their friends’ social media posts. Why did the game leave the net?

Killing off Games

In spite of the fact that there are still gamers that are very much interested in playing this particular installment in the franchise, EA has turned it off for good. Why? As it turns out, EA has a practice of killing off games in the franchise provided there are several new installments ahead of it. At the time of writing this piece, for example, the last installment that is supported is FIFA 15 for mobile users. You can probably still play the previous games, but you will not be playing them online.

One could argue that it is a business strategy that forces their market to purchase the, essentially, same game, for the privilege of playing online. Companies like EA count on online play as being something that makes money and will not go away. Focusing on online play and denying support to loyal customers in order to get them to purchase the next product seems brilliant on paper. However, it can be taxing and cost the company some of their customer base in the long run.

The Outcry

Why are people so perturbed by this? There are actually two reasons for this. First of all, though gamers enjoy game franchises, there are some installments of the game that are their favorite, whereas others severely lack in quality. It is simple: some games are good, others are bad, and we enjoy the good ones.

The second reason for the outrage is the disappearance of achievements. It may not sound like much, but people who have invested their time into playing a particular game are excited about getting recognition for their skills. Taking away this recognition essentially tells them that they spent their time on the game for no reason at all, especially when you consider that achievements are a relatively young addition to the gaming world as a mechanism to entice players to spend more time playing them.

The Solution?

There is none, unfortunately. None that can start the servers working again legally, anyway. Gamers who are the biggest fans of the FIFA franchise can either adapt to the sequels and hope for the best in the future, or quit cold turkey. There are other games on the market as well, so it is important to recognize when one’s time is being wasted.